Tuesday , July 16 2024
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New York Lawmakers Renew Push To Legalize Marijuana

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Given the current state of the nation, lawmakers in New York are pushing to get marijuana legalized recreationally with last minute legislation. The state has suffered a great financial deficit due to the pandemic. It’s estimated that legalization could bring about $300 million in tax revenue to the state.

The state could be facing a $61 billion budget deficit, the Daily Voice reported. Senators Holyman, Ramos and Bailey have composed a joint statement that marijuana should be legalized. The new legislation would legalize possession, sales, home cultivation and use for adults over age 21.

The senators wrote, “As the state reaches for new sources of revenue to help rebuild, it must also acknowledge how the pandemic has compounded the long-standing disparate effects of economic deprivation on communities of color, and how that deprivation has been exacerbated by marijuana prohibition. We urgently need marijuana legalization rooted in racial and economic justice.”

It’s not known how lawmakers will approach this legislation or if Governor Cuomo will be giving it the urgent attention it needs at a time when the state needs those tax dollars the most.