Saturday , December 2 2023
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Governor Cuomo Attempting to Legalize Marijuana by April

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Governor Cuomo is making his rounds in states that have already legalized recreational marijuana to self-educate and learn what models work and which have hiccups. The governor’s plan is to continue to push for recreational marijuana legalization.

Cuomo still wants recreational marijuana legalized by April 1, according to the Daily Voice. The state budget must also be approved by April 1.

In his travels, he will visit California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Colorado.

Governor Cuomo said, “I also want to make sure that it is done correctly, and you look at states that have legalized marijuana, many of them have generated more questions. One of those issues that everybody has goals, we want a goal of social equity, we want to make sure young people can’t get it, et cetera. We want to make sure there are advantages to communities that have been oppressed.”