Thursday , August 6 2020
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Cuomo Pledges Marijuana Legalization in Inaugural Speech


Governor Cuomo has said several times that he intends to legalize recreational marijuana in New York. He confirmed his intentions in his inaugural speech on January 2. Cuomo has been quoted as calling marijuana a “gateway drug” but has rescinded that statement in voicing his support for legalization.

The first 100 days of Cuomo’s 3rd term in office is said to be”the most progressive agenda this state has ever seen, period”, according to SF Gate. Cuomo’s first actual endorsement of legalization came in December. Even if the reasoning is to help fix some of New York’s infrastructure, the move is a welcomed one.

Cuomo said, “When they write the history books and ask what did we do – in the face of anger and division, when people were disillusioned, let New York’s answer be that in this defining moment we brought healing and light and hope and progress and action. That New York led on legalizing recreational marijuana, bringing justice and new economic opportunity not for rich corporations, but for the poor communities that paid too high a price for too long.”

Marijuana legalization is expected to be a priority in the next few months in New York.