Monday , March 25 2019
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New York Doctor Says Medical Marijuana Program Is Too Restrictive

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Dr. Junella Chin says that New York’s medical marijuana program is too limited and is pushing patients toward opioids. She’s witnessed life-changing results for several of her patients with AIDS, chronic pain, IBD and cancer, to name a few ailments. She is calling on lawmakers in the state to pass a pending expansion bill to improve access to those that need it.

Dr. Chin reflects on research and how marijuana is a safe option for those that would typically be prescribed opioids, according to Lohud. She also mentioned the number of opioid overdose cases in 2017 – which totaled 9,000 in New York alone. The doctor cited a recent University of Michigan study indicating that 64-percent of those with chronic pain and access to medical marijuana reduced opioid use.

In the entire state, only 22 dispensaries are open. Patients need more access. She also agrees that more conditions need to be added to the medical marijuana qualifying conditions list so that more patients with severe pain disorders and other severe illnesses have another option.

Dr. Chin urges Governor Cuomo and the state Legislature to think about the health of New Yorkers that need access the most. She is calling for compassion. She is calling for a significant enhancement to the state’s existing medical marijuana program.