Sunday , December 16 2018
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New York Dispensary Expanding Medical Marijuana Product Line


Etain has announced that it will be expanding its medical marijuana product line in New York. It is the first grower in the state to get approval from the Health Department to begin producing the new products. Some of those products include lozenges and ground flower for use in vaporizers.

Etain also wishes to produce water-soluble marijuana powder for patients to add to beverages, according to New York Daily News. The new products should be available to patients in March.

Hillary Peckham, founder and COO of Etain, said, “We are trying to be on the cutting edge of offering a variety to patients.”

Peckham also said, regarding the new types of products, “Trying to make products that are familiar and easy to use for patients is one of our goals.”

Peckham is hoping that the new products will help grow the state’s struggling medical marijuana patient enrollment numbers.

The Health Department did confirm that preliminary approval to produce the new items was given to Etain. The new products must pass all tests required by the state before patients can use the new items.

Etain isn’t shaking in their boots following Jeff Sessions’ announcement – they plan to continue on as they have been.

Peckham said, regarding the announcement, “Whether you’re the parent of a child with epilepsy, a cancer patient or a veteran dealing with PTSD, you shouldn’t’ have to live in fear when seeking legal medical treatment for a debilitating illness.”