Wednesday , October 17 2018
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New Poll Shows 62% of New York Voters Support Marijuana Legalization


A poll just released this week indicates that 62-percent of New York voters support legalizing marijuana. Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and Drug Policy Alliance commissioned Emerson College to conduct the poll.

Independent voters appear to support legalization the most from the poll’s results, PIX 11 News reports. The poll also shows that there is more support for marijuana than different political affiliations. Younger voters showed much greater support for legalization than elders.

On the MPP website, a statement reads, “It’s time New York stop wasting resources punishing otherwise law-abiding residents for a substance that is safer than alcohol. Let your lawmakers know voters want them to take marijuana off of the criminal market, so we can create good jobs, build the economy, and fund essential services.”

In the age group of 18 to 34, there is 74-percent support for legalization. In elder generations, such as ages 75 and up, just 37-percent support.

New Yorkers were asked what types of measures they’d support for fixing the state’s $4 billion budget deficit. There was very strong opposition to most options provided, with marijuana legalization being the exception. It appears that New York voters would rather see marijuana be legal to help the deficit than pay more in road tolls, increasing income and state taxes or cutting education/public service funds.

MPP said, “New Yorkers have spoken clearly – it is time to legalize marijuana in the Empire State.”