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Many Factors Leading to New York’s Revised Medical Marijuana Laws

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Entering a medical marijuana dispensary in New York without a medical marijuana card is nearly impossible. Some patients want to see if it is the right option for them or not, but they can’t get any information at dispensaries.

Dispensaries don’t seem to want media attention as security guards shoo away anyone that wants to record, according to WNYC News.

73-year old, Micheal, said, “I’m making up my mind about whether the whole thing makes sense. I had been recreationally using marijuana and I knew that it was beneficial for my appetite. And I thought, what about doing it legally?”

When Michael was able to go into a dispensary as a patient, he had to learn about marijuana all over again. New York doesn’t allow for smokable forms, so he had to look into pills, vaporizers or oils. He is another that finds the cost of products in the state to be too high.

Some changes to the rules are expected, and the state says that these changes are to make access easier. The changes are also supposed to make it easier for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. The types of products offered to patients are also expected to expand.

Etain’s COO Hillary Peckham stands by her dispensary’s products. She says that Etain’s products are very high quality due to the strict regulations. She said, “We’re responsible for every single part of the operation, from cultivating the plants, making it into oils, and running all the dispensaries and doing all the security and transport between it.”

Etain is family owned and operated. Peckham says that her family’s business will participate in the regulatory changes. They’ve started looking at new ways to make medical marijuana products available that will maintain state compliance such as lotions, medical marijuana powder and lozenges.

Peckham also wants to see some of the restrictions lifted regarding who can enter a dispensary – as some really do need the information.  The Department of Health will be opening up a public comment period regarding the upcoming changes prior to them taking effect.