Thursday , September 21 2023
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Gov Cuomo Signature Needed to Include PTSD for Medical Marijuana


All that awaits adding PTSD to New York’s list of qualifying conditions is Governor Cuomo’s signature. Both parts of the New York Legislature have approved the bill to add the condition. Cuomo says that New York’s program is working very well.

He wants expert consultations before making more decisions for the program, according to WXXI News. One veteran, Mark DiPasquale, says that medical marijuana is helping with is PTSD. He was using medical marijuana in California, but has since moved to New York, where he qualifies for the program for a different health conditions.

Governor Cuomo said, “We want to make sure medical marijuana is medical marijuana, so we’re careful about what diseases it covers.”

DiPasquale said, “I was in the house for years playing video games. I did not want to leave, did not want to talk to anybody or associate with people.”

The veteran says he’s a different person than he was a decade ago. He is the co-founder of Veterans Cannabis Collective Foundation. The foundation educates veterans about how medical marijuana can help them.

DiPasquale said, “There’s no such thing as just taking a substance and not putting work into it. You have to get your mental health together; you have to keep educating yourself, reading and interacting with people. If I don’t I could find myself right back into what PTSD can do, bring you back into those dark days.”

He believes that New York veterans deserve an alternative option for treating their PTSD.