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New York Senator’s Bill Would Legalize Recreational Marijuana in the State

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Medical marijuana has been accessible in New York for over a year, but some lawmakers want to go a step further with legal recreational marijuana. Senator Liz Krueger and her nine co-sponsors introduced Senate Bill 3040 (SB3040) to the state’s Senate. If legislation passes, the new regulatory system would be enforced at the state-level.

SB3040 would allow adults ages 18 and older to transport or grow up to six plants, according to Tenth Amendment Center.  No more than three of those plants could be mature (flowering). The plants would be required to be enclosed in locked spaces out of public view. Marijuana produced from individuals growing in their homes would not be eligible for sale, unless the individual owns a proper license and is under the regulation of the state.

The legislation reads, “The intent of this act is to regulate, control, and tax marihuana in a manner similar to alcohol, generate millions of dollars in revenue, prevent access to marihuana by those under the age of eighteen years, reduce the illegal drug market and reduce violent crime, reduce the racially disparate impact of existing marihuana laws, allow industrial hemp to be farmed in New York state, and create new industries and increase employment.”

Senator Krueger said, “Our current unjust laws are branding nonviolent New Yorkers, especially young adults and people of color, as criminals, creating a vicious cycle that ruins lives and needlessly wastes taxpayer dollars.”

Public consumption of marijuana would remain illegal. Those under the age of 18 caught in possession or while using marijuana would face charges.

Legal possession for adults ages 18 and older would be: As much as 64-ounces of any mixture/substance with marijuana in solid form. Possessing no more than two gallons of mixtures/substances of marijuana in liquid form. No more than an ounce of concentrated marijuana.

SB3040 has a bit of a waiting period before it’ll be given any attention. It is awaiting the next legislative session in New York. SB3040, and nationwide measures of the like, are constitutional – despite federal prohibition – meaning that the federal government can do little to prevent the state from adopting the new legislation.