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Medical Marijuana Works Miracles for New Yorker’s Autistic Son

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New York Mom, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, wanted a better option for her son who was diagnosed with severe autism and a painful gastrointestinal disease. She decided to start integrating medical marijuana into her son’s daily treatment plan. He experiences periods of violent rage including punching, self-harm and throwing food.

Sometimes, these fits would happen 300 times a day, according to Attn. Prescription medications weren’t working to reduce these symptoms, so Lee chose to find another treatment option for her son. Harvard Medical School psychiatric doctor, Dr. Lester Grinspoon agreed that medical marijuana could help her son.

Lee said, “The cannabis has been one of the biggest changes in his life and has kept him out of an institution.” She said that Dr. Grinspoon mentioned that “the worst it could do was make our son fall asleep.”

Dr. Grinspoon said, “I knew that the drug could help curb wild behavior, impulsive behavior, so I suggested that they try this. I would have never done this with any other drug. I knew they were not going to get in trouble.”

It took a little trial and error, but the family has found the right strain to help her son. She said that medical marijuana “left him clear-eyed and alert, without the constant pain-furrow in his brow or the off-the-wall rages”.

Only Pennsylvania and Delaware include autism as a qualifying condition. A few other states may grant a medical marijuana card for those with debilitating medical condition as explained by an authorized medical professional.

The good news for autism sufferers is that a research study is underway in Israel. The research planned is to study how CBD can help treat autism.

Regardless of the comments from locals, Lee doesn’t plan to stop treating her son with medical marijuana because it’s working for him. Some have gone as far as to tell the family to move to Colorado.

Lee said, “I think they’re missing the point. As long as it’s on Schedule I, you are always in danger of being prosecuted federally.”