Thursday , June 13 2024
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83% of Americans Want More Regulations on CBD Products


According to a study from the National Consumers League and GQR Insights, 83% of U.S. voters “support allowing the Food and Drug Administration to test and regulate CBD products.”

Survey participants showed support for holding CBD manufacturers accountable if they make inaccurate claims and/or mislabel their product, NORML reported.

“Most notably, support for regulation increases among people who say they have used CBD products (87 percent),” the study noted. “Among voters who have both used CBD products and describe themselves as very familiar with the product, support hits 88 percent. Voters more likely to ingest this product are naturally more interested in making sure it is safe and effective.”

The study’s authors concluded that, “Voters do not want to ban or otherwise inhibit the use of this product. CBD is popular and many voters believe CBD can be effective treating pain, anxiety and other ailments; however, voters insist that the product be safe, backed by science and work as advertised. This is even more true among voters who have used and are most familiar with CBD.”