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The American Legion Asks Congress to Reschedule Marijuana

American Legion Marijuana

The American Legion, which represents nearly 2.5 million U.S. military veterans, has called on Congress to remove marijuana from its Schedule I status. The Legion recently held a convention where they passed this resolution to make the call on Congress for rescheduling because they want marijuana to be recognized as a drug with medical value.

The Legion has officially acknowledged that marijuana can have medical benefits for those suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, reports The Washington Post. These two conditions are common among military personnel returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Part of the resolution, which is posted online, shows that the Legion recognizes the DEA’s approval of a medical marijuana study on PTSD to be overseen by Dr. Sue Sisley. Sisley spoke at the Legion’s convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sisley said, “Veterans are exhausted and feel like guinea pigs; they’re getting desperate.”

Since the DEA’s refusal to reclassify marijuana, lawmakers on state and federal levels have criticized their decision. Law enforcement groups, researchers and doctors have also shown their displeasure in the DEA’s rejection to reschedule marijuana.

Polls throughout the U.S. continue to show increasing and widespread approval of medical marijuana. In fact, most polls show 75-percent support or more. As well, polls have shown that 75-percent of respondents say that the Department of Veterans Affairs should be able to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment option. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America polls show 68-percent approval, and a recent Quinnipiac University poll shows 89-percent support for medical marijuana.